Three pocket children's books, Bad Mood Bear, Two Monsters, Jesus' Christmas Party


Three delightful vintage pocket children's books for kids to either read themselves or to be read to. They are delightful stories and illustrations. We are coming away from good old reading books to a digital age hence the price.

There are four sets of three books to choose from and each book is about 5x4' with around 16 pages each, so a short but sweet read and they are £2.50 each, so take your pick, your little ones will be absolutely delighted.

Bad Mood Bear - Bear is in a bad mood because he is tired due to staying up after bedtime. This of any adults that could benefit from this book :-)

Two Monsters - Two grumpy monsters who don't seem to agree until something amazing happens to change their minds. Can you think of two adults that are grumpy monsters. :-)

Jesus' Christmas Party - The story of the very first Christmas is told from the point of view of the innkeeper who just wants a good night's sleep.

Let me know if you'd like to mix and match the sets. We can accommodate if the books are still available.


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